• Eid-ul-Adha will be celebrated on Thursday, (9/24) Insh’Allah.

  • Eid salat will be at 9:00 am at the Community Mosque.  (Gathering starts 9am, salat begins 9:30 am)  Please arrive on time.  You are encouraged to stay for activities after Salat.

  • Activities planned include delicious food, bouncies, cotton candy, popcorn, games for kids such as pinatas, etc.

  • Everyone is invited and welcome to join.

We will have the following bouncies on EID day.  Bring the kids and enjoy anytime before 3:30pm.

Huge 40 feet x 40 feet Adrnaline Rush obstacle.

The Adrenaline Rush II

Jousting tournament

Pedestal Joust

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Renderings of Community Mosque Academy

Renderings of Community Mosque Academy